Why would an individual want to embark on or explore the realm of spirituality? I believe that it is a personal quest or seeking that come about quite innocently. Some people are born seekers and seem to come out of the womb with this natural state of inquisitiveness about the great beyond; others, due to traumatic or overwhelming life experiences begin to question everything and seek answers to help explain the unexplainable sometimes; still, some are curious, they may have a friend that is deep into the work or is just beginning the work and they see amazing things or benefits in their friend’s lives, and so they want to try it out. Thus, the path to spirituality is not a linear one, it can happen anywhere and at any time. I have also learned that there is not one definition or one way of being or practicing spirituality because the journey is an individual one. Each individual on the planet will come upon it on their on time when they are ready. It can’t be forced upon someone and the practice that works for one may not work for another. There may be many similarities to people’s practices but there will always be one thing that is different and unique for each individual. This talk is about finding your path, your way, your practice and not to blindly follow what someone else tells you because their experience is unique to their lived experiences and perceptions which are different from your own. What I will say is this, Embarking on a spiritual journey has been the most amazing roller coaster ride that I have been on. The highs are blissful, the lows are painful but the bliss outweighs the pain:) if you are willing to persist and find that happy balance. Spirituality has taken me to places beyond the human realm and has helped me to find answers to my suffering which helped me to ultimately heal my suffering and pain. It has taken me to the realm of deep and unconditional love and gratitude for all things and all beings. I wish the bliss on everyone. It’s in me to share and it is in you to see and share as well. Namaste.


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