This talk explains what happens to us when we judge others from a completely radical point of view. It explains how when we judge others, to a trained ear, it tells more about us and our well being than about the people we are judging because more often than not we don’t really know the individuals for whom we judge. I use the analogy of playing darts to explain how we judge others. You will learn how to see your own unresolved issues in the face of your judgments and how to heal them. You will also learn when you judge others you build them up and give them such power over you which in turn comes back to hurt and torture you. You will learn how to take that power back that YOU gave away in the first place. You will also learn that when you spend time judging others that’s valuable time spent on someone you may or may not know that well while that time could be spent on you, your growth and development. Hope you found something useful in it. Write a comment below if you do. Thanks for listening.

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