To Feel or not to Feel, that is the question. Feeling Every Emotion Lovingly came from an exchange I was having with a friend. I felt a deep emtionality rise in me as a result of our dialogue. We ended our conversation and yet the emotions remained and they grew bigger. They were uncomfortable because I deeply love the individual that triggered these emotions and I saw them as negative. I just didn’t want to feel them. I wanted to run away from them. However, I know better from my life experiences and my training, so I chose to stay with the emotions. As I allowed them in, I could feel my face and body burning up, I’ll call that purification, I continued to focus on the emotions and be with the feelings. They showed me the lessons I needed to learn. I understood them. They eventually lifted and brought a great sense of relief and lightness over me. I was happy again. I wrote to my friend explaining what had happened and I took responsibility for my actions.

When we allow ourselves to FEEL, we are always rewarded with something beautiful. I don’t know what that is because I believe it’s different for everyone, but it’s well worth it to try and find out what that is for you. If you are not sure how, I can help you find your way through your next intense emotional crisis.

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