I wanted to share my newest insight into becoming a successful human being by my estimation. I have had many insights since my Emotion Trauma Release training, but this one is very significant for me.

I have come to realize that all of us humans are in this together and we cannot function successfully or to our fullness without each other. I’ve noticed that when I’m critical of someone or something it is because of something I need to work on in me. That person or thing was simply a catalyst for me. That person is my teacher because I cannot see myself or my reactions in me, but I can in them. If I open my eyes and look at the obvious in front of me the lesson or clue is right there. It is a painful but profound revelation. We are our greatest teachers if we only open our eyes, hearts and minds. We cannot learn about ourselves in books. We can only learn from how we react to things and others in the universe. We are our greatest teachers if we want to be. Self discovery and Self Realization is the basic reason for our existence, everything else is just the cherry on top. But alas, as humans, we have to go backwards before we could go forwards. We fail to address or pay attention to the most obvious being in front of us and that is ourselves. We chase the jobs and the money when we’re young and healthy, and when we’re old and wilted, we start paying a little attention. Is it worth it to hurry up and be busy with lives and careers only to just wait to die in the end? What is it all for? Who sold us this bill of goods, and why are we so foolish enough to believe it?

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