Rejection of any kind but more so the big ones early on in life is one of the major basis for our separation in life, meaning the split between our True Self and our ego. It for sure takes us out of how life is or was and sets us out on a path of making sense of how and why. Rejection for our ego mind is like the severing of a limb or the reduction of oneself to the smallest entity which makes fighting back from appears nearly impossible.

You see instead of participating in life, a rejected soul turns onto themselves to seek and find the answers to why they were rejected. They form all kinds of theories and beliefs during their internal search, most pertains to themselves but some are towards the outside world.

Since the ego mind is not willing immediately to accept any rational answers for the rejection, and since it identifies with the hurt or the rejection, all it finds or that makes sense to it are the self loathing and self-defacing thoughts(I am no good, I am worthless, I am scum, I am not loveable, I am wrong, I am bad, I am filth, I am inferior, the world is bad, the world is evil, can’t trust the world and people, and on and on it goes).

And what the mind wants so the mind gets. Guess what happens when the ego mind believes the thoughts above? You guessed it, these thoughts get manifested in life and thus the mind proves itself right. It’s an emotional cesspool, because the more the mind finds evidence in life to support not being good, or worthy or bad, etc., the stronger its resolve.

It must go through this until it reaches its end, until it becomes sick of the pattern, sick of itself, until it notices nothing new is coming from it but the recycling of old wounds, old hurt, just with new characters. It is the same shit but different pile, it’s doing the same thing over and over again and wishing for a different outcome.

Rejection sets the stage for this; it sets it all in motion. It is the great divider of good vs evil. It is dangerous and can be lethal.

How do we protect our children from it? For it is with our children these early beliefs form and from which they manifest. The answer to this question is a work in progress. For now, well, we just don’t do it! But that is not possible for many. Then it’s about looking for patterns in their lives, for their patterns reveal glimpses of their thinking, and then helping them to create new beliefs, positive beliefs, continue to bombard them with examples of when they were amazing in life and made positive choices and did well. It’s about changing the significance they give to their “bad, negative” thoughts vs their “good and positive” thoughts.

It’s about nurturing confidence in themselves and learning how to not take things personally, for we are all coming from different places in our lives, and we’re all doing the best we can based on where we’re at in our lives!

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