For 2017, I’d like to tell you all about a little secret I discovered that could set you free in more ways than one. It is the most simplest thing you could do for yourself, yet the most profound and life changing. If you are happy with your life and you do not feel conflicted, or restricted by your life in any way, then stop reading now.

I’ve come to realize that without self knowledge, that is, a deep, personal and intimate understanding of ourselves, we cannot truly understand others. When I tried to understand others from outside of myself, I looked for comparisons and judged the comparisons I came up with. It was not until I realized who I was, who I am, that I realized that it is impossible to constantly compare myself to others, because they simply cannot compare. Knowing myself, I came to know that I am one of a kind, one unique whole being, that is unlike anyone I’ve ever met, maybe except for my husband Neel in some way. To compare myself to others is to put myself down and is to disrespect myself and my self worth, and is to put that person ahead of me. I can only be me and there is only one, unique, beautiful me! No one else can and will ever compare! So why bother comparing. I will never and can’t ever find myself outside of myself. I love my unique self no matter what anyone else thinks of me. Other people’s views can’t change who I am, so knock yourself out!

Here is the secret, it’s simple, too simple in fact! It requires you to spend at least 20 mins with yourself everyday, just noticing what’s there, feeling what you notice and acknowledging what’s there! That’s it! This is a powerful technique and will work for you if you are willing and brave enough to try. You can see results after just one sitting depending on how deep you are willing to go! Give it a try! Ask me any questions if you’d like! Being true to you is the only thing that matters in this life and all life times! We all owe it to ourselves to know ourselves and to change the world, one person at a time. It’s your time!

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