This very moment in time is the only moment that exists!

There is never going to be another moment like this one, ever!

What are you doing in this very moment?

Are you present in this moment?

Are you noticing and feeling the moment?

What are you noticing in the moment?

Are you savoring the moment?

Are you appreciating the moment?

Are you even in the moment?

Do you know what it means to be in the moment, in this moment?

Are you open to the moment?

Are you taking it all in?

Are you paying attention?

Are you listening, really listening?

Can you feel your body?


Are you judging the hell out of the moment?

Are you paying attention to the million thoughts in your head in this moment?

Are you waiting for someone to stop talking so you could talk in this moment?

Are you judging what someone is saying or wearing in this moment?

Have you checked out of this moment?

Are you worrying about something from the past of something in the future in this moment?

Do you know that despite how you feel about the moment,

What you may say about the moment,

How much you may say about the moment,

How long you continue to perseverate about the moment,

None of this will change or take away from the moment!

The moment remains intact and so does every moment, no matter what?

Spend A Moment In Time fully!


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